• Commitment. I have an unswerving resolve to achieve the best result for my clients, whether by negotiating a resolution or litigating to win at trial or on appeal.
  • Credibility. I work every day to earn the respect of the courts, my colleagues, my adversaries, and my clients. My credibility makes me a more effective advocate for you.
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  • Creativity. Solving unique problems demands unconventional wisdom. My experience across a wide range of industries and areas of the law allows me to examine problems from all angles and offer novel and tailored solutions. I craft strategies that weigh business, personal, and reputational interests alongside litigation outcomes.
  • Control. Litigation is a tool for achieving results. Optimizing outcomes requires, on the one hand, methodical planning and execution of a long-term strategy, and on the other hand, readiness to act quickly to exploit opportunities. Drawing on my extensive experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants, I anticipate what my opponents will do and am prepared.
  • Cost-effectiveness. I leverage technology and contract attorney support to provide a level of service that rivals the larger firms at which I used to practice. Even significant matters are often better served by the focused attention of one excellent lawyer than the labors of a throng of associates. I am committed to ensuring that fees I charge provide value. If a satisfactory settlement is achievable, I work to obtain it as quickly as possible. If continued litigation is required, I focus my efforts on the issues most important to the case's outcome. I am open to alternative fee arrangements including flat fees, contingency fees, and hybrid arrangements that fit the matter and the interests at stake.
  • Collaboration. When additional human-power or niche expertise is called for, I have close relationships with top attorneys at both boutique and large firms with whom I can partner to serve your needs. I also regularly work with public relations firms to coordinate communications and litigation strategies. Ultimately, my most important collaborators are my clients. I work together with you to find the best solution to your problem.